Dosimetrist Job Opening in California

Job opening in a midsized hospital in Northern California, for an experienced Medical Dosimetrist to join their team.  Candidates MUST be CMD certified.

Job Summary:

Performs, assists, or directs the dosimetric treatment planning process as designated by the radiation oncologist or the qualified medical physicist.

Essential Function:

  • Design a treatment plan by means of computer/or manual computation with optimal beam geometry to deliver a prescribed radiation dose and spare critical structures in accordance with the Radiation Oncologist’s prescription.
  • Identify and contour normal and dose-limiting structures by utilizing images from one or more data sets.
  • Assumes proficiency in image registration with various image data sets to include CT, MRI and PET.
  • Create and transfer reference images and localization markers for portal verification and treatment delivery to include DRRs, CBCTs and other IGRT methods, as specified.
  • Supervise, perform, or assist in simulations and tumor localization using specified imaging devices including, but not limited to CT, MRI, and PET.
  • Supervise, perform, or assist in the planning and implementation of the fabrication of compensation filters, custom shields, wedges, or other beam modifying devices.
  • Supervise, perform, or assist in the planning and implementation of the production of molds, casts, and other immobilization devices.
  • Communicate with the radiation therapist(s) and assume an advisory role in the implementation of the treatment plan including: the correct use of immobilization devices, compensators, wedges, field arrangement, and other treatment or imaging parameters.
  • Perform calculations for the accurate delivery of the prescribed dose, document all pertinent information in the patient record, and verify the mathematical accuracy of all calculations by an approved method.
  • Provide assistance and technical support to the Medical Physicist, in radiation safety and protection, qualitative machine calibrations, quality assurance of treatment plans and radiation oncology equipment.
  • Operates/performs quality assurance, under the direction of the Medical Physicist, on the treatment planning computer(s).
  • Supervise, perform, or assist in the application of specific methods of patient and/or beam dosimetry as directed by the Medical Physicist.
  • Assist in brachytherapy procedures by performing treatment planning and dose calculations.
  • May perform or assist in the receiving, loading, and shipping of radioactive materials.
  • Utilize radiation monitoring devices to measure radioactivity and perform assays.
    Teach applied aspects of medical dosimetry to department and hospital staff members and providers. Participate in clinical research, continuing education and quality improvement processes.

Minimum Position Qualifications:


  • High School graduate or certified equivalence (GRE) and Successful completion of formal dosimetry training.


  • Two years’ experience performing Radiation Oncology treatment planning.

Licensure /Certification:

  • Certified Medical Dosimetrist (CMD) by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board Current and BLS (CPR) card.

Preferred Position Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • Two years’ professional experience performing Radiation Oncology treatment planning with experience planning SBRT & VMAT treatments.
  • Previous professional experience administering Radiation Treatments as a Radiation Therapist.

Licensure /Certification:

  • RT(T) or RT(R) Current/Previous experience planning with Monaco or Raystation is preferred, but not required

Our Treatment Team: (3) Board Certified Radiation Oncologists (1) Board Certified Medical Physicist (2) Certified Medical Dosimetrists (5) RTTs Treatment Delivery & Planning Equipment: (2) Elekta Infinity Linear Accelerators (XVI & iView OBI) C-Rad Patient Positioning & Motion Management System Elekta Fraxion SRS Immobilization System Elekta microSelection 18 Channel Digital HDR afterloader Toshiba LB 64 Slice CT Simulator with Varian RPM 4D Treatment Planning & Record & Verify Software: Monaco v5.1 TPS Oncentra Brachy TPS Variseed LDR TPS MiM Masetro Contour & Fusion with Zero Foot Print Remote Access Mosaiq v2.64 Treatment Techniques: IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, SBRT, SRS, SRT, HDR Vaginal Cuff, LDR Prostate Seed Implant

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