Obstetrics Manager Job Opening in California

Job Opening for an Obstetrics (OB) Manager located on the Central Coast of California.

Job Summary:

Responsible for assessing, planning, implementation and evaluation of the overall operation of the Birthing Center on a 24 hour basis.  Responsible for the development and implementation of testing protocol, policies and procedures, for the Newborn Hearing Screening Program.  Revises and update as technology dictates.

Performance Dimensions and Tasks

  • Monitors the work volume, relevancy, equipment, resources and staffing levels of the department.
  • Assesses the need for new equipment, programs and positions.
    Maintains capital equipment and supplies.
  • Assists with or assures repairs, locations and purchases.

Initiates staff employment:

  • Adheres to job posting/hiring procedures
  • Evaluates position openings as they occur.

Evaluates employees:

  • Develops evaluation criteria for all job classifications in the department.
  • Communicates performance appraisal to employee in writing using established criteria
  • Provides employee with mechanism for goal setting.
  • Documents employee goals and the appraisal process.
  • Assists employee in identification of personal work related goals; documents goals and achievement time table.

Provides staff training and development:

  • Identifies staff educational needs and requests.
  • Refers needs to appropriate resources or education program.
  • Documents departmental staff education in conjunction with the inservice education coordinator.
  • Provides orientation to department.
  • Identifies orientation preceptor, orientation schedule and expectations time table, in conjunction with the inservice education coordinator.
  • Coordinates work schedules with Staff Development for education programs to facilitate orientation.
  • Establishes and provides routines for each shift.
  • Documents recommendations for education, policy and procedure changes or administrative action.

Provides a mechanism by which pertinent and relevant information is transmitted to employees:

  • Conducts staff meetings on a monthly basis:
    • Provides agenda
    • Solicits employee response, input and participation
    • Provides in-services
    • Lists problems/solutions
    • Announces information regarding policy, procedure changes.
    • Documents attendance
    • Posts all formal minutes and announcements in a timely manner.

Disciplines and terminates employees when appropriate:

  • Identifies employees with performance and behavioral discrepancies.
  • Counsels employees in accordance with established procedures: ie, describes behavioral. performance discrepancies and assists employee in identification of improvement areas.
  • Initiates disciplinary action and documents when appropriate.
  • Terminates employees when appropriate, following consultation with
  • Administrative representative and Human Resources. Director.

Initiates and maintains departmental standards:

  • Develops standards specific to hospital patients routinely served by the department.

Establishes staffing patterns appropriate to the department:

  • Provides adequate staff to assure appropriate care based on census/acuity.
  • Staffing patterns reflect budgeted nursing hours for the department.
  • Works with the staffing coordinator to provide work schedule.
  • Two weeks in advance:
    • Considers staff requests
    • Considers physiological factors when scheduling.

Show professional commitment:

  • Demonstrates involvement with professional organizations.
  • Demonstrates commitment to professional education by attending continuing education activities.
  • Cooperates with inservice education personnel in the development of educational programs for staff.
  • Keeps license and required certifications current.
  • Understands and functions w3ithin the scope of the California Nurse practice Act.
  • May teach procedures, concepts and techniques in area of expertise to colleagues and staff.

Plans framework for the overall budget in accordance with department goals and objectives:

  • Budgets activities reflect active participation in the overall budget planning.
  • Capital equipment requests are accompanied by appropriate research material for all capital expenditures.
  • Capital expenditures budget is submitted within specified time parameters, with appropriate forms submitted to the responsible administrative staff member.
  • Budge documentation reflects the active planning of the operation budget for the department, e.g., staffing, supplies, space, and time.
  • Operational budget is submitted within specified time parameters on appropriate forms to the responsible administrative staff.

Implements and evaluates the budget process:

  • Provides a mechanism to analyze and control the implementation of the department budget, e.g., statistical data, special reports and analysis, analysis of break-even points, internal budget and personal observation.
  • Budget audit reports reflect compliance within established budget parameters.
  • All budget variances are justified to nursing administration.

Recommends development of new hospital policies, facilities and inservices, as well as improvements to existing ones to Nursing Administration:

  • Recommendations/proposals are documented in memos to nursing administration.
  • Implementation of new or existing programs reflect this activity.
  • Written proposals/procedures reflect active, continuous interpretation of policies, objectives and operational procedures.

Interprets Hospital policies, objectives and operational procedures to subordinates:

Demonstrates competence in understanding and interpreting hospital/department policies and procedures.
Interprets and represent specific area of responsibility (Obstetrics) to other Hospital departments, medical Staff and community:

  • Holds membership on Hospital committees and presence is documented in minutes.
  • Active participation and follow through is documented in appropriate meetings.

Provides continuity of leadership:

  • Designates leaders-in-training- to Nursing Administration.
  • “Delegation of Authority” is provided, in writing, to all department managers during an absence.

Communicates with Nursing Administration:

  • Meets with Nursing Administration to address problems or issues within the department, and to report on status of the department, (ie, Performance Improvement, labor relations)


  • Provides administrative technical and coordinating support to the Department of Nursing Services regarding Performance Improvement (PI)
  • Demonstrates administrative and technical expertise in the area of PI to support and enhance the activities of the Department of Nursing services.
  • Compiles confidentiality statistical data and prepares PI reports as requested and follows through on resolutions.

Understands medical staff and hospital organizational structure:

  • Demonstrates understanding of medical staff and hospital organizational structure.
  • Demonstrates ability to maintain positive and open communication with all medical staff.

Serves as a role model for department:

  • Demonstrates ability to competently perform at the staff level.
  • Uses open, positive, and direct forms of communication to enhance departmental cohesion and to promote understanding outside of the department.

Maintains professional responsibilities to enhance personal growth:

  • Plans for personal change and growth based on evaluation, feedback and goal setting.
  • With help, acquires knowledge or experience to meet goals.

Maintains development and implementation of testing protocol, policies and procedures, for the newborn hearing screening program:

  • Will train and provide continuing education to staff involved in the hearing screening program.
  • Maintain appropriate testing unit.

Will keep supplies in stock:

  • Coordinate ordering of disposable supplies with purchasing department.


  • Maintains appropriate testing unit
  • Perform routine checks on equipment to ensure proper function, and arrange for service and loaner equipment from manufacturer in cooperation with Purchasing Department.

Service Delivery:

  • Provide written report of screening outcomes to medical records and to the physicians and parents.

Data Collection:

  • Maintain a log of infants screening results.
  • Compiles quarterly statistics documenting screens, passes, refers, and notify HCC weekly of all referred infants.
  • Assign person to cover during absent periods.


  • Participate in public information events, volunteer fairs, etc., to promote hospital and newborn hearing screening program.
  • Develop printed materials for staff and patients to inform them of screening and its importance.
  • Educate community through local media community groups as needed
  • Provide in-service education to staff, physicians, auxiliary leaders, and students.

Performance Expectations

Although each position has its own unique duties and responsibilities, the following expectations apply to all positions at the Hospital.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Learns new procedures and accepts new assignments within reasonable timeframes, to be agreed upon by the employee and supervisor.
  • Maintains an awareness of changes in policies, procedures and protocol.
  • Arrives on time and prepared to start assignment.
  • Does not abuse paid time off.
  • Maintains universal precautions.
  • Attends department and other meetings as required.
  • Complies with Hospital confidentiality, safety, infection control, and exposure control policies.
  • Assists patients with courtesy regardless of age, gender, nationality and disability without prejudice or bias.
  • Complies with all policies and procedures as outlined in the adopted Policy and Procedures manual.
  • Wears I.D. badge.
  • Has completed mandatory safety and security education including annual fire/safety and hazardous materials review.
  • Demonstrates correct use of fire extinguisher.
  • Complies with annual physical examination as required.

Customer Service:

  • Complies with the Hospital’s twelve customer service standards.
  • Establishes and maintains a cooperative relationship with patients, staff and other individuals.
  • Listens to and respects the ideas, feelings and opinions of others.
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills by conveying necessary information accurately, listening effectively and asking pertinent questions when clarification is needed.


  • Demonstrates good judgment in handling situations not covered by written or verbal instructions.
  • Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances in a way that promotes cooperation and minimizes disruption in working environment.
  • Follows written and verbal instructions of supervisor.
  • Interacts with fellow employees in a way that promotes harmonious and cooperative working environment.
  • Recognizes and resolves problems; troubleshoots malfunctions in procedures and uses alternative methods if available.
  • Coordinates efforts of work effectively with others in a way that is productive.
  • Coordinates efforts of effective work activities that contribute to Hospital needs.

Note:  An essential function required by all employees is strict adherence to Hospital polices as described in the employee handbook including, but not limited to that regarding attendance and punctuality.

Ages Patients Served:

  • Neonate, Adolescent, Adult
  • Assessment/Diagnostic Testing
  • Care/Treatment

Employees Supervised:

  • Exempt – 0
  • Non-Exempt – 0-20



  • Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing
  • Bachelor degree highly desirable

Work Experience:

  • Two years recent experience in Labor & Delivery
  • One year previous management experience in an acute care setting preferred.

Licensing Requirements:

  • Current California RN License
  • Current AHA BLS
  • Current AHA NRP
  • Current AHA ACLS

Language Requirements:

  • None

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to sit for 2 hours or more and stand/walk for 4 hours or more per day.
  • Must be able to carry 25pounds.
  • Moderate exposure to hazardous waste and chemicals

Special Demands:

  • Ability to supervise and work cooperatively with others.
  • Must be able to delegate duties and maintain efficient standards of operation.

Competitive Salary Range!

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