Clinical Nurse Manager: Emergency Department Job Opening in California

Job Opening for a Clinical Nurse Manager: Emergency Department located in the Central Coast California.

Job Summary:

  • Responsible for the management of the emergency and respiratory therapy departments.
  • Has 24 hour accountability for the management of personnel, fiscal and material resources.
  • Coordinates the scheduling of department staff according to patient acuity; maintains and monitors staffing records and statistics.
  • Supervises and leads assigned personnel in day-to-day operation of the department.

Administrative Management Responsibilities:

  • Recommends the development of new policies, functions and services, as well as improvement\s to existing systems, to Administration.
  • Evaluates nursing needs, develops and implements nursing care plans; services requiring special skills.
  • Implementation of new programs or revisions to existing ones reflect this activity.
  • Initiates nursing procedures on a regular basis.
  • Interprets Hospital policies, objectives and operational procedures to staff.
  • Written policies and procedures reflect active and continuous interpretation of operational objectives, systems and goals.
  • Minutes of department meetings reflect mechanism, to transmit information to employees.
  • Ensures that policy and procedure manuals are current and are regularly reviewed by staff members.
  • There are policy and procedure manuals that govern the scope of department responsibilities and functions
  • Procedures are reviewed annually or on a regular basis; reviews/revisions are noted and dated accordingly.
  • Participates in Hospital Infection Control programs.
  • Cooperates with Infection Control Committee and Infection Prevention Nurse.
  • Monitors that all staff members demonstrate a concern for personal and work area cleanliness; assures that staff practice infection control techniques outlined in department Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Participates in Hospital Quality Review programs.
  • Hospital and department Quality Review procedures are consistently observed.
  • Standards and review mechanisms outlined in the Quality Review plan are followed.
  • Department Quality Review report is submitted according to established procedure sand timeframes.
  • Identified problems and/or concerns are addressed according to procedures established in the Quality Review plan.
  • Establishes and maintains effective interdepartmental relationships.
  • Exhibits responsiveness to others in organization (returns telephone calls, punctual in meeting attendance, available to meet, etc.)
  • Demonstrates continuing effort to maintain positive relationships with physicians, supervisors, others in authority.
  • Acts as a positive liaison between employees and Administration in matters of employee morale and communications.
  • In support of administration and its goals, presents self in a unified approach to staff.
  • Demonstrates ability to coordinate activities with other departments to promote effective work flow.
  • Ensures that all staff has valid, appropriate credentials.
  • Monitors current status of employee credentials; employees whose credentials have expired or do not meet requirements are not scheduled.
  • Instructs staff in methods and procedures used in the department.
  • Demonstrates continued use of adult teaching methods and current management techniques that enable staff development of acceptable standards of performance.
  • Acts as a resource for agency staff.
  • Analyzes and evaluates nursing and related services provided to patients in area of supervision.
  • Establishes and monitors intra-department relationship.
  • Schedules monthly department meetings to inform and strengthen communication and team effort, as documented by meeting minutes.
  • Provides leadership in understanding and implementing Hospital emergency procedures (fire, safety, disaster).
  • Maintains availability to meet with department staff.
  • Supervises and facilitates department coordination of patient care.
  • Promotes effective staffing practices by maximizing the utilization of human resources.
  • Forecasts and anticipates department staffing needs related to fluctuations in patient census; sufficient staff are available at all times to manage department workload
  • Holds staffing at a functional minimum; effectively utilizes employees in other than full time status
  • Tasks, responsibilities and authority equitably delegated to staff according to their knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensures that Hospital confidentiality of patient information, policies and guidelines are observed.
  • Monitors staff compliance to confidentiality standards by absence of negative incidents.
  • Takes immediate disciplinary action related to violation of any confidentiality policies.
  • Provides ongoing review of Hospital confidentiality principles through department in-services, as documented by in-service attendance records.
  • Provides written confidentiality policies appropriate to each staff member’s duties.
  • Participation in community service.
  • Will function as the Pre-Hospital Emergency Liaison Coordinator whose responsibilities are as follows:
  • Participates on the Pre-Hospital Care Board.
  • Participates in the Monterey County approved Quality Improvement (QI) program.
  • Maintains Monterey County EMS Manual in the emergency room department.
  • Assists Hospital compliance with policies and procedure sin the EMS Manual.
  • Review of pre-hospital care records prior to forwarding to Salinas Area Base Station Hospital Network (SABSHN).
  • Interfaces with EMT-P’s and their ALS Providers as needed.

Human Resource Management Responsibilities:

  • Interviews and selects employees.
  • Establishes realistic recruitment criteria and utilizes these in the selection process.
  • Position descriptions and performance standards for new positions or new employees must be prepared before registering a vacancy.
  • Utilizes EEO principles in the interview and selection process.
  • Consistently makes hiring decisions which result in more efficient staffing.
  • Utilizes employment references as a portion of the employment process and documents to the employment record.
  • Interviews are always performed in a professional manner and in accordance with “guest relations: principles.
  • Conducts (or participates) in department orientation for new employees.
  • Orientation program meets The Joint Commission and Title 22 requirements, as documented in the department orientation outline.
  • Cooperative in achieving completion of formal orientation program during employee’s first month of employment.
  • Establishes and documents monitoring process to determine suitability and adaptability of new employee.
  • Meets regularly with employee in orientation period to maximize orientation process.
  • Conducts/delegates a comprehensive department orientation program that informs and instructs in procedures for effective understanding of job roles; documents in orientation outline.
  • Maintains Hospital safety, fire and disaster standards; establishes implements and evaluates department procedures that promote safety for staff and patients.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of hospital fire, safety and disaster programs by development of department policies and procedures.
  • Hospital/department safety, fire, disaster procedures are reviewed at least annually with staff, as reflected by meeting minutes.
  • Documentation reflects ongoing identification of problems, actions taken to resolve problems and effectiveness of action.
  • Administers various employee benefit programs.
  • Demonstrates ability to control levels of absenteeism, turnover, unemployment and workers compensation costs, within limits established by the Hospital.
  • Administers counseling and/or discipline when appropriate.
  • Consistently follows established Hospital counseling and discipline procedures; disciplinary actions are documented appropriately in a timely manner; always seeks resource if action is not clear.
  • Directs and provides supportive guidance to staff.
  • No legitimate complaints regarding unfair or inappropriate treatment are received.
  • Evaluates staff performance.
  • Conducts ongoing, informal staff performance appraisal and problems are addressed as they are identified.
  • Completes formal, written performance appraisals according to established
  • Hospital and department procedures and timeframes.
  • Encourages staff participation in the evaluation process.
  • Ensures staff competency levels.
  • Competency requirements are clearly and accurately described.
  • Criteria based standards are established for all staff job descriptions.
  • Always maintains an awareness of the abilities and limitations of each staff member; demonstrates careful managerial judgment in assigning duties appropriate to each individual.
  • Monitors staff attendance at continuing education courses each year.
    Teaches, implements correct techniques to ensure acceptable standards of quality.
    Provides a role model and professional image for other nursing personnel.

Fiscal Management Responsibilities:

  • Plans and implements an overall budget.
  • Communicates to staff the need to be cost conscious and monitors compliance.
  • Monitors cost and productivity reports to determine if responsibility area is operating within budget parameters.
  • Justifies variances in all expense categories for each budget section as requested.
  • Prepares the department budget and submits to the Chief Nursing Officer for review/approval prior to established due date.
  • Prepares and justifies a department capital expenditures budget.
  • Organizes an effective system of inventory/supply control.
  • Demonstrates a cost conscious attitude, as reflected by analysis prior to approval/purchase of department equipment and supplies.
  • Plans and monitors the utilization of supplies and equipment.
  • Evaluates and sets standards (levels) for equipment and supply usage.
  • Ensures that equipment repairs are scheduled within 24 hours.
  • Cooperates with periodic hospital inventory audits by submitting department equipment/supplies report within required timeframe.
  • Assumes responsibility for managerial self-development.
  • Develops additional volume growth and new business opportunities.

Managerial Self Development Responsibilities:

  • Assumes responsibility for managerial self-development.
  • Uses agreed upon managerial and personal goals and objectives as basis of annual self-development actions.
  • Discusses personal educational goals with supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Attends relevant seminars and in-service programs.
  • Completes appropriate continuing education programs; documents appropriately.
  • Remains informed and current on major aspects of management skills through literature, workshops, seminars, courses and conferences with other professionals.
  • Maintains eligibility for appropriate professional qualifications.
  • Demonstrates ability to present self in professional manner and, when requested, assists in community service programs as required.
  • Represents the hospital at various external meetings with local or state associations or representatives.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal managerial development through meeting participation, committee membership and the pursuit of continuing education.
  • Generally actively participates in management development activities.
  • Performs other duties within capabilities as assigned by Director of Nursing.
  • Implements Patient Care
  • Delivers direct patient care.
  • Implements safe, therapeutic patient care as an Emergency Room Staff Nurse when required.



  • Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum two years progressive experience in Emergency Room.
  • Knowledge of legal aspects of Emergency Room nursing.
  • Knowledge of Emergency Room techniques and management.

Licensing Requirements:

  • Current California RN license – required
  • Current AHA BLS, PALS and ACLS certifications – required
  • Board certification in emergency services – preferred

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to sit and stand/walk for up to 4 hours or more per day.
  • Must be able to lift/push/pull and carry up to 35 pounds.
  • Moderate exposure to hazardous waste and chemicals.

Special Demands:

  • Ability to supervise and work cooperatively with others.
  • Must be able to delegate duties and maintain efficient standards of operation.


The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed.  It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.

Competitive Salary Range!

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