Director of Outpatient Wound Care Job, Georgia


The Program Director is responsible for implementation, ongoing management and strategic growth of the program: outpatient Wound Care Center, HBO, inpatient and outreach across the system. This may include a single site, the development of additional clinical in the market area and the long term management of the additional sites.   The Program Director oversees day-to-day program operations and is responsible for: budgeting, revenue and cost management, reimbursement, quality management, performance improvement, marketing and community education, and human resource management. The Program Director is responsible for maintaining collaborative and consultative relationships, integrating programs within the hospital organization and creating effective working relationships, both internal and external.


1.     Operations Management (30%):

• Provides day-to-day management oversight for outpatient clinic, HBO and other wound continuum sites of care, which may include inpatient and outreach.
• When necessary, provides support for clinical team

• Utilizes resources to develop and implement customized policies and procedures.

• Continuously analyzes systems and processes; developing and implementing best practices and appropriate changes to improve outcomes in a timely manner.

• Monitors clinic flow to improve efficiencies and productivity.

• Works with hospital personnel to ensure availability of adequate resources, supplies, equipment and services.

• Develops communication methods to facilitate the flow of information and maximize effective communication throughout the program

2.     Financial Management / Reimbursement (10%):

• Manages and/or coordinates all aspects of the revenue cycle including: inquiry conversion, scheduling, registration, treatment authorization, documentation, coding, charge entry, billing, collections and, denial processes.

• Implements audit and reconciliation processes to ensure accuracy. Regularly reviews the Charge Description Master and Superbill to ensure appropriate reimbursement. Conducts chart audits to monitor and ensure documentation meets regulatory and billing requirements. Stays current with reimbursement changes, providing physician and staff updates and education as needed.

• Reviews and analyzes key financial reports, identifying key indicator trends and developing plans to ensure best practices are implemented to appropriately maximize clinic and overall program profitability and/or address variances.

• Tracks and reports all inpatient, outpatient, outreach, HBO and ancillary revenues generated by the program. Responsible for cost management through appropriate utilization and management of labor and supply utilization. Works with support team to complete a quarterly financial review and presents results to hospital leadership.

3.     Community Education / Marketing (30%):

• Develops, implements and consistently executes a marketing and community education plan. Works collaboratively with the hospital to coordinate market specific activities.

4.     Human Resource Management / Leadership (5%):

• Recruits, interviews, hires and manages personnel in conjunction with the hospital’s Human Resources Department.

• Establishes performance expectations, providing regular feedback and consistently managing these expectations. Completes performance appraisals, promoting staff development activities, utilizing performance improvement procedures as necessary, and adhering to the hospital  policies and procedures.

• Develops an effective team, motivating and influencing staff to excel.
5.     Quality Management / Performance Improvement (10%):

• Collaborates with Clinical Staff and Medical Director to develop, implement and manage a continuous Performance Improvement Program (PIP).

• Participates in hospital committees as appropriate. Ensures timely and accurate documentation in the patient record and input of data into outcomes database.

• Monitors patient, referring physician and customer satisfaction.

• Ensures regulatory compliance with JCAHO and other applicable accrediting and regulatory bodies.

• Designates a Safety Director and monitoring program operations for patient safety.

6.     Relationships (15%):

• Maintains excellent relationship with hospital peers and leadership

• Identifies the program’s strategic goals and objectives and managing the program to achieve those goals. Participates in hospital department/management meetings and actively participating in Hospital communication and social activities.

• Builds and develops effective working relationships with panel physicians, clinical and support staff. Encourages all program staff to interact positively and in a spirit of good teamwork with members of other hospital departments.

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