Director Position in TN

Director, Corporate Clinical Resource Management Program


Prefer someone who started career preferably as a Nurse or Tech, Radiology etc, who transitioned into Supply Chain and now has 5 + years acute care Director Supply Chain experience.



Location: TN – must relocate to area.



Job Summary


This position is accountable for the collaborative development, integration, implementation and overall performance of an organization’s Clinical Supply Chain Programs.



This includes driving positive change by providing leadership through performance improvement strategies that will drive expense savings through program development and management of initiatives that support an organization’s clinical supply chain expense agenda.



This position has a broad enterprise and segment influence and will need to build alliances with Corporate, Hospital, Physicians and Supply Chain Executives to successfully execute their clinical supply chain agenda.



Supervisor – VP Clinical Support Services



Supervises – Corporate Supply Formulary Committee



Essential Duties & Responsibilities (included but not limited to):


Exhibits leadership qualities that elicit the trust of their subordinates, peers, and supervisors.

Attends to the needs and feelings of others to develop effective working relationships with direct reports and others; relates easily to people; inspires and works well with others.


Leads and develops the clinical supply chain team providing direction, coaching and appraising performance.


Leads cross-functional teams to develop and implement programs and initiatives with measureable supply expense savings.


Assimilates information from a variety of sources, able to analyze data, make decisions and executes a course of action that will drive performance improvement strategies to improve expense savings and operations improvement.



Creates confidence with internal and external customers, committed to improving customer satisfaction and sets achievable customer expectations.


Demonstrates the ability to build effective relationships with physicians, clinical staff and executives.


Supports customer’s through maintaining a pipeline of expense savings initiatives.
Utilizes customer feedback for improvement in products and services.


Participates in the selling process as needed


Financial and Clinical Data


Demonstrates financial acumen which includes:


Interpreting a corporate supply spend profile to identify opportunities for improvement.


Review of hospital’s monthly financial reports to determine negative and positive variances and programs or initiatives to improve these variances.



Demonstrates the ability to perform a return on investment model for new programs and additional staff.


Demonstrates the ability to analyze financial and clinical performance data to identify variation opportunities and make recommendations to the team and organization in alignment with the organization’s strategic plan.


Achieves financial objectives through managing operational expenses of the department.
Manages projects within scope, time and budget.


Collaborates with organizations to track and analyze financial data.


Develops standardized documents, processes, and calculations for use by the clinical supply chain team to quantify supply savings solutions.



Lead Supply Formulary Committee and develop program to create a standard supply formulary within the Supply Chain Organization for the company.


Utilized the Streetwise Database to implement, educate, train and measure supply expense ideas and concepts.


Directs and supports the Division based Clinical Resource Managers and/or Facility based CRM’s.


Executes on clinical supply expense improvement agenda by incorporating cost, quality and outcomes methodology.


Drives clinical supply expense improvement through the development and deployment of standardized toolkits, processes, and assessments.


Demonstrates an understanding of project management methodologies which include but are not limited to: common processes, practices and tools associated with project management.


Guides multiple projects and team members simultaneously in a fast paced environment that yields measurable and sustainable results.


Defines a vision, identifies milestones of success, identifies current gaps, determines who to work with and partner, sets actionable goals, and consistently achieves those goals.


General Knowledge/Competencies

Provides effective communications which includes verbal and good listening, writing, and presentation skills to a variety of stakeholders from senior executives to staff in a matrix environment.


Demonstrates the ability to operate within the organization’s formal and informal structures, builds relationships across departments, is appropriately diplomatic, understands orders roles and perspectives, can sell projects and ideas across the organization.


Demonstrates knowledge and expertise within the Value Analysis process in healthcare.


Applies strong data analysis skills to translate into an actionable plan, with strategic objectives.


Demonstrates effective problem solving skills which includes understanding the issues, able to simply and process complex issues, understanding the differences between critical details and unimportant facts, can make difficult decisions, uses consensus when possible, and communicates those decisions to others.


Demonstrates the ability to manage conflict resolution by using common approaches and facilitation techniques to lead teams to alignment and high performance levels.


Builds organizational talent through establishing systems and processes to attract, develop, engage and retain talented individuals.


Serve as the external face for the company and presents at industry events as needed.


Practices and adheres to the Code of Conduct philosophy, mission and vision statements.




Position Competencies

Building Organization Talent


Establishing systems and processes to attract, develop, engage, and retain talented individuals; creating a work environment where people can realize their full potential, thus allowing the organization to meet current and future business challenges.


Compelling Communications

Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups; communicating in a focused and compelling way that captures and holds others’ attention.


Establishing a Strategic Direction
Establishing and committing to a long term business direction based on analysis of systemic information and consideration of resources, market drivers, and organizational values.


Selling the Vision
Vividly communication a compelling view of the future state in a way that helps others understand and feel how business outcomes will be different when the vision and values become a reality.


Master’s degree highly preferred; Bachelor’s degree in Business, Health Administration, Nursing, or Pharmacy is required.


Will consider a graduate of a Professional School of Nursing with related experiences in healthcare Value Analysis, clinical supply chain or acute care hospital performance improvement.


A minimum of 5 years’ experience in a health care related role with experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.


Previous experience with documented improvement results in supply chain, value analysis, clinical supply expense management, or acute care hospital performance improvement.


Demonstrated, successful project management experience with coordination and measurement of project deliverables.


Advance computer skills with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Clinical experience in an acute care hospital setting preferred.


Software skills with data warehouse and/or Micro Strategies highly preferred.







Tina Roberts, President


588 Sutter Street, Suite 349
San Francisco, CA 94102


(415) 770-1200
(415) 684-2526




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