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Ohio – Perioperative Nurse Manager
200+bed acute care hospital

Stable healthcare organization is looking for a Perioperative Nurse Manager to join one of

their larger hospitals. Position over Preop/Phase II area, OR, PACU, Endoscopy, 58 employees

RNs, STs, FAs, PCAs, GI Tech, USCs (office workers). Volumes: OR- 250-310 cases per month,

Endoscopy- 125-140 cases per month (include GI and Bronch procedures). Non-union, EMR-

Epic. Manager will be responsible to manage day to day operations with staff oversight and

interdepartmental relations. Monitor metrics/dashboards for process improvement for patients/

families. Interact with Physicians to meet their needs and satisfaction. RN, BSN, 3+years OR

knowledge, ability to assess, plan, and execute process improvements in departments.

Approachable, available, confident in OR knowledge, Fluent in AORN Standard Usage. Policy

driven practice

Client wants someone who ‘teaches by example’, but does not place themselves in the everyday staff role. Someone who is able to manage productivity and budget. Who also recognizes need vs. want and strives to meet both within reason.

Competitive Salary range + relocation assistance

Tina Roberts, President
588 Sutter Street, Suite 349
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 770-1200

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